just me.

I was born and raised in Bellingham, WA and I like it! :)
I tried moving once, to Tacoma, when I was 19...it lasted a month (a fun month really!).
I met and married my husband in less than a year. ;) (February 1995)
We are still happily married.
I love coffee.
Specifically, a grande 2-pump Cinnamon Dolche non-fat latte from Starbucks
Margaritas are fantastic.
So are Martinis.
I enjoy vodka. And rum. Tequila can be nice. :)
I am a volunteer extraordinaire.
And I am a cemetery secretary (say that ten times fast).
I also sell shoes.
I evidently like to work.
I really, really hate mustard!
My favorite food is cheese.
I also love Thai and Mexican...oh and dips...I love appetizers.
Ok, I just love food. Eating is lovely.
I don't have a favorite color - I get joy from them all.
However, I have been loving orange lately.
I hate to shop for clothes.
But love shopping for shoes.
And socks. I have a surprising amount of socks
I love my siblings. All three of them.
Even my older brother. Really.
Vegas is great.
But I am really a homebody.
Reading is one of my greatest pleasures.
And I love to write.
Learning is an absolute must.
My house is usually a mess, but it is better than cleaning it.
My favorite "outing" is sitting with a friend or two sipping coffee and talking.

and here is 10 more things...

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  1. Found your blog through the #reverb link list - enjoying my visit.