January 31, 2013

Month in Numbers - January 2013

January didn't happen quite according to plan. Which is the point of plans, right? Plans aren't fool proof and changing is what keeps us on our toes.

I've followed Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers for awhile now and thought I'd try to do them in 2013. Let's see what happens. I tend to start out great and fall flat when I attempt to do regular-type-anything...(like photo a day, don't ask!)

So here I go. My month in numbers:

1 - the number of cousins I reconnected with! This is why I love facebook.
my little cousin Jeremy & I who reconnected this month! Love it!
3 - number of Stampadoodle/Cousin Wednesdays we were able to do! Yay!

4 - number of wrestling matches I attended
1 - number of wrestling tournaments I not only attended but also volunteered at!
1000 - number of pieces of plastic cutlery I purchased for said tournament

1 - number of trips to Seattle to send off a dear friend for three months.
1 - number of trips to see my mom & dad.
3 - number of trips mom & dad came here. 

16(ish) - the number of days I was sick (or recovering from sick).
44 - the number of Gossip Girl episodes I've watched. Don't judge. I finished Grey's Anatomy and this popped up and I was sick and not quite in my right mind. Now I'm stuck. It's a real (REAL) problem.

31 - number of days I completed Q & A a day! Woohoo!


  1. Many thanks for stopping by my blog Jerrie, if I could have posted you some snow, I would have, even my kids got sick of it !!
    Loving your month in numbers.
    FB is great for reconnecting :)

  2. Welcome aboard Jerrie! Great to have you squirrelling away those statistics with me + the other 'M in N' bloggers!

    I am with you entirely on the 'not being good at sticking to these kinds of things' things and M in N is the only thing I continue to do regularly - and enjoy. So, who knows, you may surprise yourself!

    We get lots of sproty numbers each month but I think yours are the 1st wrestling-related ones. That's why I love this project - it really brings out interesting facts + hobbies etc.

    I've added you to the board with the others now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

    Happy February + maybe we'll see you next month too!

    Julie :-)

  3. Oh, I love the photo! Just stopping by to check your numbers and I too am trying to keep this as a year-long project :) Half the month sick sure doesn't sound good!

  4. Yay - another MIN first timer! :) It's fascinating to see everyone's summary of their month - sorry to see that so much of yours was overshadowed by sickness though.

  5. Oh what a fabulous photo. I love the motivation for exercise.

  6. Being sick for 16 days must have been a real downer, but I guess at least you had plenty of time to watch for 44 episodes of Gossip Girl :)