May 5, 2013

Month in Numbers - April 2013

April was awesome. Crazy, busy, full. It seems like I barely had time to breathe but enjoyed every moment.

Here we go...Let's see if I can break it down in numbers.

On April 3 I tured a glorious 39 years old. I, for one, love my birthday and cherish every new year and love the numbers as they get bigger. Maybe this love of aging will end one day, but I hope not.

I spent my birthday with 2 amazing family members. 1 cousin, 1 brother (and I met 1 "new" nephew). Gotta love a day like that.

1 birthday dinner made by my most amazing husband. 1 birthday lunch with a wonderful friend.

On April 6 my boy came home from 14 days away (in Palau with his grandparents). I hugged him at least 20 50 times.

The boy decided to go to prom. Tux = $119; dinner = $50; a stuffed owl for his date (since he was going to be late due to a rugby game, oops) = $15.

My friend came back to Western Washington which meant lots of visiting. 1 trip to Port Townsend (which also means 2 ferry rides - love); 3 trips to Monroe; 1 trip to Everett; and countless phone calls and texts.

Celebrated a 40th birthday for an amazing lady with some great friends!

3 Rugby games (undefeated and headed for state in May).

1 going away party for a friend headed to the Coast Guard.

30 days of Q&A a Day completed.
5 lists completed via Moorea Seal (well on my way to completed all 52!).

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  1. My Dad has a similar approach to ageing too - it's so life-affirming! Many happy [belated]returns to you!

    And it really made me smile to hear your friend returned - sounds like a lot of catching-up fun to be had.

    I've added you to the board now Jerrie:

    Thanks for joining me, happy May to you!

    Julie :-)

  2. A busy month indeed, happy belated birthday and glad you enjoyed your catch up with your friend

  3. A very busy month. Congratulations on your 39th birthday sounds like you celebrated well.

  4. What great numbers. I love the idea of the owl for being late.